what inspires me: Welcome to my world.

From the Beatles to Ga-Ga, many artists have inspired my music career. My wish is to keep creating poetry and my own sound and style while staying true to my latin roots, hoping to inspire new generations of women artists to pursue their dreams.

Life is wonderful, always new.

In Sound as in silence, music makes my soul feel alive, Always by my side, It is through music that I live and dream. Music is truly a gift from God.

My childhood dream is becoming a Dance Pop International Super Star and through Art being able to proudly represent the Latin Community around the world.

  • Priscilla  Empress of Pop performing at Museo Mingei, San Diego, CA.


     _June 2015




    Last night a wonderful thing happened, a STAR named Priscilla Carrion performed at Mingei Museum in Balboa Park at The Avant Guard Costume Gala wowed the audience and made them dance to songs from her Debut Album "Like no Other" , songs they never heard before and that is something really difficult to do for any artist... Congratulations Priscilla !”

  • Like No Other, Download here!


    Priscilla "The Empress of Pop", artist and singer originally from Tijuana, Mexico releases her debut album titled "Like No Other". on: Aug 18, 2015

    ℗ 2015 Priscilla


    Available download in:

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  •  Click here for sull song list :


    10 Mastered Tracks

    preview these songs at ITunes.com and download by song.


    1-  Like No Other

    2-  The One

    3-  Surf's Up

    4-  Mr. Right

    5-  E a Vida Segue

    6-  For Life

    7-  Money Is What Money Does

    8-  Party Bus

    9-  Johnny D

    10- I Need a Man

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Event Calendar Like No Other, new cd launch. Christmas cd Priscilla's first single "Fever" “Bonita’s Got Talent”

_ August 18 2015

Priscilla “The Empress of Pop” released her first CD “Like No Other”. 10 catchy tunes with a new flair, a fun irresistible beat that will lead you to the dance floor with songs about life, love and friendship; including one to reflect on today’s world and paradox

_ December 20 2015

..This time Priscilla brings the Joy of Christmas with her new original song “I wish you all a Merry Christmas”

a Gift for you, Click here to enjoy!

_ October 3, 2012

Fever single out Now!!

You can now download Priscilla’s new single "Fever" CDBaby.com/Priscilla & iTtunes.

Click here to preview.

_ October 1, 2012

Priscilla to make guest appearance on “Bonita’s Got Talent” on Saturday October 6, 2012

Thanks for showing up, I always want to meet new fans.



Priscilla Carrion, artist, singer, dancer, songwriter and producer born in Tijuana, Mexico , currently resides in San Diego CA.


The global launch in June 2015 of their debut CD "Inigualable" and its counterpart "Like No Other" in the English language that also includes a song in Portuguese., credits Priscilla Carrión as the first independent artist, woman and Hispanic to produce, compose and sing a double and multilingual project, which through digital media such as Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon.com and others has earned her fans in countries like Russia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.


Coming from a family of renowned musicians and producers from Tijuana, Mex. Priscilla began his career at 5 years old doing commercials for radio and T.V. and later she joined International Grupo Ele of parents Jorge Carrion (considered a musical legend of Tijuana, Mex., who received an honorable mention in jazz by Keyboard Magazine) and Leticia


 Carrion (Winner of Oti Award 1992 in San Diego Ca.). In Grupo Ele , Priscilla was exposed to various musical genres, , acquired public domain and inspiration for her own projects, which she financed with money earned moonlighting with the band . All this while studying classical ballet in Pavlova  Academy, popular guitar in Universidad Autonoma de Baja California  while earning her Biopharmaceutical Chemist Degre where she graduated with honors and was nominated as "Young Scientist of the Year 2015". Takes singing classes in Tijuana and San Diego and Master Classes with American singer: Christina Aguilera.


Ele Music.com live music band,

voted as the best sound in the Californias.


-Read More, click logo to go to elemusic. com

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November 2016: Christmas CD


August 2016: Video from song “E a vida segue” honoring the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


June 2016: Video “Amarte hasta el final” from her Spanish version CD “Inigualable” directed by Adriel de la Torre, SnowGlobe Studios.


May 2016: T.V. Appearance San Diego Unveiled.

Starts production of Christmas CD.




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to my Dear Fans, “Like No other” is dedicated to all of you. “They truly believe in me and give me their strength, where ever I go I see their sweet faces, they mean the world to me. Im here to stay..I’m here to stay”. Thank You!

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